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Rosemont Records, Inc.    Since 1992, Rosemont Records, Incorporated has been working to bring you new music by recording artists new and old to an even higher level of worldwide recognition.  Although not new to the music business or the internet, we are just now establishing our web sites for corporate presence and music promotion.

For more information about Rosemont Records, Inc., click on the About Us button.  We are updating information rapidly as possible along with continuously adding Artists and their newest releases.  While here, why not also click on the Historical button and read The 'Theft' Of An American Classic.  An article about the controversial authorship of the song "You Are My Sunshine," allegedly written by singer/songwriter Oliver Hood.  We have recently turned up two photographs of Oliver Hood courtesy of Elson B. Hood (son of Oliver Hood).  These photographs can be viewed along with a photograph of a letter dated August 21, 1957 courtesy of Pat McWhorter (grandson of Oliver hood).  The letter is from Johnny Marcus, during that time a publicity agent in Beverly Hills, California.  The letter refers to the recording of "Somebody Stole My Sunshine Away" as referred to in the latter part of the article.


Paul Cochran

Find Out More About This Guy Behind The Music
And The Historical Contributions He Made

Click On The Photo To the Left


Chet Atkins
He Is Dearly Missed

Click On The Image To Your Left To Visit The

"Chet Atkins Memorial Site"

Linked By Permission


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